The Aglaris Facer 1.0 bioreactor is the first fully-automated cell culture bioreactor with an iterative culture system. This enables users to obtain large amounts of cells with simple and easy-to-use equipment.

Automating cell culture with various control and traceability features makes the Aglaris Facer 1.0 ideal for “manufacturing” cells. Its automated processes reduce the need for human intervention and monitoring. In addition, its fully-enclosed system minimizes contamination risks from cell handling.

The iteratively-expanding culture chamber design allows larger numbers of cells to be produced under homogeneous conditions, increasing lot consistency and repeatability. Furthermore, Aglaris Facer 1.0 also contains a modular system which is capable of simultaneously yet independently producing cells from up to 3 different sources without cross-contamination.

Aglaris Facer 1.0 is so easy to use that almost any technician can operate the bioreactor. This enables cells to be obtained at a single location, without having to depend on external companies.

Benefits for medical technology

  • Cell therapy consists in introducing new cells into a tissue in order to treat a disease. This bioreactor helps to create new cells faster and improves the quality of these cells.
  • Tissue engineering is a technique based on a combination of cell engineering methods, materials and biochemical factors to improve or replace biological functions. This field is growing exponentially and demands large numbers of cells that we can create with the Aglaris Facer 1.0.
  • Biological research and drug discovery. Pharmaceutical companies use vast quantities of cells to validate and develop their drugs.