Aglaris Micelle is a general-purpose microcarrier. It is suitable for most established cell lines and for the production of viruses or cell products from primary cell cultures and normal diploid cell strains.

  • General-purpose microcarrier for most established, anchorage-dependent cell lines.
  • Contains positive charges throughout the microporous matrix.
  • Transparent to easily examine attached cells under a microscope.

Microcarrier culture is a technique which makes high-yield, anchorage-dependent cell culture possible. Aglaris Micelle has been specifically developed to culture a wide range of animal and human cells in culture volumes ranging from a few milliliters to more than six thousand litres. Using Aglaris Micelle in simple suspension culture systems provides yields of several million cells per milliliter.


Applications include producing large quantities of cells, viruses and recombinant cell products (e.g. interferon, enzymes, nucleic acids, hormones); studying cell-adhesion, cell differentiation, and cell function; perfusion column culture systems; microscopy studies; cell isolation; membrane studies; cell storage and transport;  and studies on the uptake of labelled compounds.