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Through this Legal Note, we inform you that the web page with URL (herein, the “Website”) is the property of AGLARIS CELL, S.L., (here in, “AGLARIS”), being the same company that runs and operates through the Website. AGLARIS is a company registered in the Company Registry of Madrid, with tax number B-86399920 and whose head office is in Calle Madrid 47, 1ºB, Getafe (28910).
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Through this Legal Note, AGLARIS establishes and regulates the rules for the use of the Website (herein, the “General conditions of use”), which have been developed for informative purposes with the aim of approaching third parties interested in the products and services on offer in the market, as well as for the diffusion of the most relevant news in relation to the development of its activity.
The information of this website has no guarantee of any type, explicitly or implicitly, and can be changed or amended without prior notice. Its use is free for anyone who enters it, browses and consults the contents of the (herein, the “Users”), apart from the cost that the User may incur for the Internet connection through which they accede the site.
The Users must in any case read carefully the Legal Note on each occasion they enter the Website, given that the contents of it may be the object of modifications that AGLARIS considers appropriate.
In the case that any of the provisions contained in this Legal Note are declared null, they will be removed or replaced. This declaration of nullity will not affect the validity of the other provisions included in this Legal Note.
The User is aware of and accepts that the use of the Website is done at all times under their sole and exclusive responsibility and promises to:
– Use the Website in the way and form that this document establishes.
– Not undertake any behaviour that may damage the image, interests and rights of AGLARIS.
– Not use this Website and its information and contents for illicit purposes and/or undertake actions that may prejudice the rights and/or interest of third parties.
– Not undertake actions that could damage, make inoperative or overload the Website, or which could impede, in any way, the normal use of it.
–  Abstain from copying or extracting any content from the Website for its private or public use, except in the cases authorised by law or expressly authorised by AGLARIS.
The User will be accountable to AGLARIS or third parties, for the damages that may occur as a consequence of the breach of these obligations.

The User who enters and uses the Website will accept in their totality and, therefore obliged to comply with, the terms and conditions included in this Legal Note in the version published by AGLARIS at the moment when the site is entered.
In the case that the User does not agree with these General Conditions of Use, should leave this Website, not being able to use the services offered in it.
The User states that they have the legal standing to accept the General Conditions of Use. In the case that the User is a minor, they must have the prior authorisation of their parents or legal guardians, who will be responsible for the use that the minor makes of the Website.

The Users will be responsible for the damages of all types that AGLARIS may suffer, directly or indirectly, as a consequence of the breach of any of the obligations deriving from the General Conditions of Use or for the total or partial reproduction not authorised in writing, for any purposes.
The User is responsible for the adoption of all the technical measures provided to control the threats that may arise during the transmissions of data and information that occur on the Internet. For this reason, they must have their systems for detecting malicious software updated, such as viruses, Trojans, etc., have the security patches updated of the corresponding browsers and operative systems, as well as use networks whose security is verified. For more information you can ask your Internet suppler services who will provide you with suitable solutions for your needs.

AGLARIS takes measures to guarantee the exactitude of the information of the Website. Nevertheless, AGLARIS is not responsible for the errors or omissions in the contents of the Website and does not guarantee the exactitude, integrity or topicality of the information of the Website. The information in it is subject to changes that may be made at any moment and without prior notification.
With the aim of ensuring the integrity of the information compiled through our Website, we save the information on safe servers and comply with the security measures required by Spanish law in questions of data protection. However, no Internet transmission is completely secure or free of errors, neither the data saved is invulnerable. For this reason AGLARIS cannot guarantee the security of our Website, database or services and neither can we guarantee that the information you send us will not be intercepted during its transmission via Internet. We are not responsible for the actions of third parties.

All the contents of the Website and the Newsletters, including, but not limited to, the commercial brands, logotypes, graphics, images, sound and video files, programming code, texts, icons, and names that identify services (herein, the “Contents“) are property of AGLARIS and are protected by the legislation in force in questions of intellectual and industrial property rights.
The access of the User to this Website involves no kind of renunciation, transmission or transfer, total or partial, of these rights of the owners, for this reason. Therefore, access to these Contents by the Users does not give them, under any circumstances, the possibility of copying, selling, modifying, reproducing, publishing, loaning, transmitting or creating new products and services deriving from the Contents of the Website.
For this reason the User of this Website cannot, except with the prior, express and written authorisation of AGLARIS or third parties owners of intellectual and industrial property rights, copy, distribute, download, modify, replace, erase, alter, publish, broadcast or use in any form these Contents.
In this sense, the User does not acquire rights or license in relation to any intellectual or industrial property right related to the Website or its Contents, beyond the right to browse around this Website in accordance with the purpose and terms laid out in this Legal Note.

The establishment of links with the Website without the prior, express and written authorisation of AGLARIS is prohibited.
In the case that the link is authorised by AGLARIS in accordance with the previously established terms, this must be established in the following terms:
– From the web page that presents the link (herein, “Link Site”) there will be no false, inaccurate or incorrect statements about the Website and/or AGLARIS.
– In no case does the authorisation by AGLARIS for the presentation of a link mean any type of sponsorship, collaboration, verification or supervision of the content and/or services that are provided through the Link Site, nor is it responsible for its contents.
– The Link Site must duly comply with the Law and cannot, under any circumstance, house contents, of its own or of third parties, that: (i) that are illegal, harmful or immoral or against public order and good practices; or (ii) induce or possibly induce in the User the false conception that AGLARIS subscribes, adheres or in any other way supports the ideas, statements or expressions, licit or illicit of the sender; or (iii) are inappropriate or unrelated to the activity of AGLARIS.
In the case of a breach of any the above stipulated terms, AGLARIS will immediately and without prior notification proceed to remove the link.

Any access to any web page of third parties through the Website does not signify recommendation, promotion, identification or conformity of AGLARIS with the statements, contents or services provided by this website.
The moment a User makes use of a link published in the Website and is redirected to a website of a third party, they are leaving the Website and, therefore, are no longer under the protection of these General Conditions of Use.
As a consequence, AGLARIS is not responsible for the content of these web sites of third parties, nor of their conditions of use and privacy policies, the User of these websites being the sole person responsible for checking them and accepting them each time they enter and use them.

This Privacy Policy is of application to those cases in which AGLARIS compiles information provided voluntarily by the Users, either to request commercial information or to get in touch with AGLARIS.
AGLARIS promises at all times to apply in the use of any personal data provided by the Users that stipulated in Constitutional Law 15/1999, of the 13 December, of Personal Data Protection (herein, “LOPD”), as well as that stipulated in other regulations in force in questions of personal data protection, and will apply the technical and organisational measures necessary and required to comply with this regulation.
The Users can visit the Website browsing anonymously, however AGLARIS compiles personal information that may be susceptible to enabling the identification of the Users (herein, “Personal Information”) when they provide it voluntarily for the given use by AGLARIS. The type of Personal Information that is compiled includes the e-mail, name and surname(s) and information relating to the consultation made by the Users.
From AGLARIS we transmit our commitment to not provide or sell any of your data to any company without your previous consent unless (i) we are required to do so by law or due to legal proceedings; or (ii) we are required to do so by the authorities or officials of the competent public administration..
AGLARIS guarantees the User in any case the exercising of their rights to access, rectification, information and opposition, in the terms laid out in the legislation in force. For this reason, in accordance with that laid down in the Data Protection Law (LOPD) you may exercise your rights sending a request, along with a copy of your ID card, by means of the following methods:
– E-mail: Reference in the subject of the e-mail “ARCO Rights”.
– By post: Calle Madrid 47, 1ºB, Getafe (28910). Reference on the heading “ARCO Rights”.

GLARIS uses its own cookies or of a third party contracted for providing audience measurement services. The cookies used on the Website are solely associated with an anonymous user and their mobile device or PC, so they do not provide personal data of the User. You can see more about our cookies policy here.

AGLARIS reserves the right to reject or remove access to the portal and/or the services offered with prior notification, at its own initiative or by a third party, to those Users who breach this Legal Note and its General Conditions of Use.

The laws applicable to the Website will be those of the Kingdom of Spain, so any dispute relating to the contents or use of the Websites will be ruled by Spanish laws and in terms of jurisdiction and location, only the courts of the city of Madrid will be competent to settle any type of demand.