Aglaris Facer 1.0
is the first fully-automated cell culture bioreactor which does not use trypsin. The Aglaris Facer 1.0 Bioreactor is able to start with a small initial cell sample (0.5M cells) and perform all culture steps, including complicated procedures such as cell passing, in a completely automated and enclosed system without human manipulation. This enables users to obtain large amounts of high-quality cells with simple and easy-to-use equipment.

To guarantee that all released batches meet the established quality criteria, the Aglaris Facer 1.0 has sensors to control all the necessary culture conditions inline, and analyse finished batches. In addition, Aglaris Facer 1.0 has a software platform that stores all critical culture conditions to facilitate with the stringent quality and regulatory demands that many cell therapies must comply with.

Furthermore, as Aglaris Facer 1.0 employs an iteratively-expanding culture chamber design, larger numbers of cells can be cultured under homogeneous conditions, increasing lot consistency and repeatability. The bioreactor also contains a modular system which is capable of simultaneously yet independently producing cells from up to 3 different sources without cross-contamination.